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Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to be a means of making present the Kingdom of God in Rathfarnham. We endeavour to do this with lay people, religious and the clergy taking the responsibility to work together in promoting and supporting existing and new initiatives which will deepen the faith and community life of all parishioners. To help us to do so we pray through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title of Our Lady of the Annunciation, Patroness of our Parish.
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Welcome to our community

Dear Friend in Christ,
As Pastor of this Parish of the Annunciation, here in Rathfarnham, Dublin, it is indeed a pleasure for me to welcome you to our website. For whatever reason that you have joined us on-line, I hope that your visit will be an opportunity for us to share with you, over the World Wide Web, the life of this community as portrayed in words and photos across the pages of this site.

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We believe our Parish to be a vibrant Catholic Community, but open to all who stop by on the internet. We are many thousands strong her in Rathfarnham, and all of us are struggling to live the Gospel in our everyday situations. Following Christ is a daunting challenge but The Lord has given us that special gift of finding support and encouragement in each other as we journey on our pilgrim way towards the Kingdom. We see this website as one way of reaching out to you, Dear Visitor, whilst journeying together. You or I are never alone; we are members of one body, as St. Paul says, so we are in good company along the way and even across “www”.

Please spend a little while browsing this website. Its purpose is to provide you with a glimpse of all that is happening here in our community: Eucharistic and other Sacramental celebrations that are at the heart of our parish; many programmes and activities that are faith based and/or educational for both adults and children alike; and a number of other services that reach out and allow us to love and support one another as Christ asked of us in loving our neighbour.

If you are a parishioner, and the purpose of your visit to this site is to get information about perhaps a happy event coming up in your life like a wedding or a baptism, then we join in celebrating with you – congratulations! On the other hand, if your visit is because you need information as a result of having just lost a loved one, then please know that you have our sympathy and support at this sad time. In either case, please feel free to make personal contact if we can be of further help.

If you are a former parishioner but are now living away from us, we hope that this visit will remind you of home and that you will always be a part of this Parish. If you have just happened upon us in browsing the web, know that you are so welcome. May God Bless all of us as we continue on the journey, wherever we may be, but linked by this wonderful technology.

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